We Animate Kids Drawings

Parents send us a good photo or scan of their kids drawings,
we use our magic to turn it into a personalised story
& we then mail you a customsed letter to the Online animation

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Step 1

Send us a photo or a scan of your child's Artwork.

Step 2

We add the magic by Animating it.

Step 3

We then mail you a customsed letter to the Online animation.

Have a look at what we do

Your drawings. Our Magic. Amazing stories.

Ideal for kids 3-8, Although many happy customers have also bought for older or younger kids, we are sure they will grow in to it, like a sock!

Big things have small beginnings.

Here at Yellow Crayon, we look at Children's creativity as a huge part of their growth. Yellow Crayon creates magical personalised experiences for kids,

Our Goal

To help children recognise the power of their own imaginations
To encourage kids to pursue their creative potential & build the best personalised adventure in the world,
As well as preserving the sense of accomplishment of a child.


I was stuck for a pressy for my godchild and was in a different country so this service worked out really well

- Aisling Plunket

My kids face when he saw his drawings animated, he asked me how it was done, and i really didnt know.

- Abraham Josef


E-mail us a photo or a scan which would be ideal to us at: hallo@yellowcrayon.eu


Offices in:
Dublin, Ireland
Berlin, Germany